Dictators' Dinners

When it comes to genocide, the first name that comes to mind is Adolf Hitler. Despite his vegetarian identity, do you know that he greedily ate squabs stuffed with tongue and liver?

How about Mussolini, whose wife left the bed because he had eaten a full plate of raw garlic?

Do you know Idi Amin, saying: ”I don’t like human flesh. It’s too salty,” ate forty orange in a day?

Or Cuban Fidel Castro gave lessons about how to grill a lobster properly to people, who came to his house with black market foods in an era where the “Please do not feed the animals” signs in the national zoo’s garden had be changed with “Please do not eat animal food” and “Please do not eat animals” ?

Have you ever heard that at Stalin’s famous drink tables, Yugoslavia’s Tito vomited, Czechoslovakia’s Klement Gottwald begged Stalin so that his country could participate to the USSR and after a feast, Krushchev wetted his bed?

What about Ceaușescu brought a chemical engineer and a mobile lab everywhere he went to analyze everything he would eat?

Or that the cleaning addict Saddam Hussain ordered all forks and knives to be cleaned deeply and women to have a shower twice a day?

Informative and entertaining, this book is a combination of history, photo albums and a dinner book. While the extraordinary lives of the dictators of 20th century are focused on, their food tastes are also examined for the first time. Leading dictators’ inner talks, the other side of their politics, table organization, addictions, deformations and the recipes of the foods they loved are shared with the readers.

What is the border between being a monster and a human? 

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