Nikola Tesla Narrates Himself


One of the world’s most important scientists, Nikola Tesla narrates his childhood, education, inventions and rivals in this book. While reading Tesla’s life, you will be the firsthand witness of a genius.

I never hurry to do my work. When I have an idea, I start to develop it in my mind. I change the construction, develop it and activate the device first in my mind. For me, active my tribune in my mind and at my workplace is the same thing. In case of instability, I take my notes. There is no difference. The results are the same. In this way, I can swiftly develop and make it perfect without touching anything. If I could do everything I have thought about my invention and see no problems in my mind, I can materialize this product of my mind. My device works as the same I have considered and all experiments go smoothly. I have never had a problem for 20 years. Why have I?”