Healty and Conscious Pregnancy From A To Z


Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. After a nine-month journey, the baby you will give birth to will provide a new meaning of your life while providing the best kind of love and excitement. For a comfortable pregnancy, the first rule is to be healthy. When you are responsible for another life, you need to take care of your psychical and psychological health. Do not forget that you need the necessary information to take care of the life you give birth to.
This book provides a deep weekly & monthly exploration of pregnancy period and tips about health and wellbeing while expecting a child.

Reading this book you will discover:

  • 5 Healthy Pregnancy Principles.

  • The healthiest things to do each week.

  • Your baby’s development, what they can do and what they can sense each week throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

  • Healthy Nutrition Tips.

  • How to maintain your sex life during pregnancy.

  • Meditation techniques and yoga poses for pregnancy.

  • Special exercises during and after pregnancy.

  • Ways to bond with your unborn child.

  • How to love your pregnant body.

  • How does your body communicate with you? Emotions, dreams and thoughts…

  • Several techniques on self-massage during pregnancy.

  • Personal care during pregnancy

  • How to quit your bad habits during pregnancy.

  • How music can benefit your pregnancy and what kind of music you should avoid when expecting.

  • Drug use during pregnancy

  • Steps to ensure a healthy birth and fast, natural recovery.