Nikola Tesla

He was born in July 10th, 1956 in Smiljan and he died in January 7th, New York. He was the American inventor, physicist, electrophysic specialist with Serbian origins. Although he had many “used and unused” experiments/inventions that could change science and technology completely, his name is mentioned little in course books. Especially, his invention on “wireless transfer of electricity” and its proof show how unique he was as an inventor. He had a fierce scientific competition with Thomas Edison. He had many experiments and inventions on electricity. He had almost three hundred patents in twenty six countries in January 7th, 1943.

As an outstanding character, Tesla had never been successful at managing money. He spent his final years changing hotels to escape from his debts. In January 7th,1943, he died of a heart failure at New York Hotel at the age of 86. Conducting a research about a weapon he named as teleforce before his death, Tesla’s all documents were confiscated by the USA government.